My favorite product testing websites!

Who doesn’t love free samples?  I can’t tell you how excited I get when I walk into a store and see employees by their little sample carts. There’s just something so thrilling about getting to try things for free and seeing if you’d like it so you won’t have to worry about wasting money. I can honestly say there’s times I wish I was able to try products because I didn’t like the ones I bought ( luckily most of those days are over as I keep up with online reviews and see what others have to say ).

But free samples can be hard to come by. You’re often left scouring the web and end up with an email full of spam because you saw some website advertising ‘freebies’ and wanted to try it. Or you end up with your phone clogged with callers that are, honestly, a headache. Or, if you’re like me, constantly flicking the IGNORE button on your phone and blocking callers if you don’t recognize them.

Now how can you also get free products or samples? There’s actually many legitimate ways to online. But I digress in the fact that product testing websites ( like you’ve heard about ) requires your honest review. You can’t just expect to get freebies left and right and not contribute, right? The whole point of samples and testing is to help companies out.

Below I’m going to point out a few legitimate websites and others that will give you samples ( sometimes even full-sized products ) and what’s expected of you there.  Please note that you will not get something always. Most companies and websites base their samples on what companies and more are looking for. It’s all about patience.

1. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is my favorite product review website. I’ve only been with them about a year but have received different products in beauty, medicine, food, and other miscellaneous products.

Favorite product I’ve received from BzzAgent so far:

  • L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks 

Received three full size containers of the new ( at the time ) L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask.  This was my first real campaign after the welcome one and I still find myself buying more of these as it gave me a chance to try them since I usually avoided face masks with my sensitive skin.

Other products received include: Bic Pencils ( plus coupons for family and friends ), Coffee Creamer ( came with coupons as well and a cute napkin set ), Horizon snacks ( plus coupons – again ! ), and Claritin Children Chewables ( which has now become my families favorite medicine to give to my brother after they tried these ; also more coupons ! )

” I want that! What do I have to do? “

Sign up at BzzAgent. Take your introductory surveys so they can get to know you and send you ‘campaigns‘ to invite you to. There’s no spam emails, no phone calls, and you can also opt out of campaigns you don’t like. You won’t always get one  ( I’m on month 4 with nothing right now but that’s okay! ) but when you do it’s always amazing.  Keep your profile updated.

Now BzzAgent also offers a thing called a BzzScore. Which is a rating of all your campaign activities and more. Once you submit your reviews or whatever else activity they’ve asked you to do you’ll receive an email notifying you the rating they gave. The highest is Exceptional and the lowest being ‘Rejected’. They explain this better in their How it Works section.

2. PinchMe

The website name pretty much sums it up. PinchMe is a website devoted to free samples for your honest review.  I’ve received so much from them ranging from sample-sized to full-sized products.

Favorite product I’ve received from PinchMe so far:

Kind of hard to say but my recent box was a hit with my family and I:

The box contained the following: A full size sample of the Hydralyte tablets ( in berry flavor ),  sample size of Olay Shea Butter Body Wash, and a bunch of coupons. $1 off Olay Facial Cleanser, $1 off Olay Bar or Body Wash, a free 8×8 photobook from Shutterfly ( you still had to pay shipping though ), $3 off any Hydralyte product, a coupon for a free jar of Barilla Pestoa sauce, and $1 coupon for Barilla Pesto Sauce.

Other products received include: V8 Veggie Blends & V8 + Energy Orange Pineapple Lightly Carbonated — both full sized, surprisingly! Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken, Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloth, Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, Carbona Color Grabber, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

” I want that! What do I have to do? “

PinchMe is a website that primarily focuses on what they call ‘Sample Tuesdays’ as the countdown timer says in the corner of the screen. You will often not have samples and might not qualify for them. That’s okay, though, because in my time since joining I’ve only never qualified the last two Sample Tuesdays.  Again: it’s about demographics and what companies want.

Check back on the Tuesday or the days after ( if there’s still some available ) and you can fill your box with samples.

Like BzzAgent you have to do surveys talking about yourself so they can get find out if you’re able to get samples. If you receive a product you’ll be asked to do feedback surveys and post your review there about your honest opinion on the product. Remember to provide your feedback!

3. Influenster

I won’t be talking much about this one as I’ve only received one thing so far and have reviewed it in an earlier post here. However, don’t take this to mean I think it’s bad. On the contrary I would love to put this one at number one because of the stuff they send out in their boxes ( called VoxBox ).

This site is based on Influence and how active you are. You need to post reviews, have a strong following, and make sure your “impact” is high. Impact meaning how many followers you have on varying social media and more. I, unfortunately, am not as active there as I could be. But I am working to fix that now that I have a lot more free time with the primary huge holidays over and not working so much!

Influenster, though, is a really good site. They often provide full-sized samples of primarily beauty products but other products can also be received ( I’ve seen people get food and more also! ) but again… your activity and your impact really matters.

” I want that! What do I have to do? “

Sign up for Influenster and, like the following two sites, you can tell them about yourself. Connecting your social media accounts helps as well. You can tell them your interests and review products you’ve already tried. It’s important to know you might not qualify for a lot ( again: your impact and more matters ) but the products they send out are totally worth it!

4. CrowdTap

No pictures here I’m afraid. I’ve received a lot of things from them but have unfortunately cleared my phone out and forgot to save them. However, they’ve sent out one of my all time favorite products. Which is this if you need to know.

I’ve only been using this site a few months but have applied to sample quite a few things.  Though most were just sample-sized stuff it’s still a great place. Plus I can attest to the fact if you answer enough polls, share things, and do stuff on the website you’ll earn points ( which are shown on your profile photo as how many ‘points are left’ ) and once you reach the point total you get $5 to Amazon. I’ve so far earned $15 for Amazon and am near another $5 card.

However, please note, this requires a bit more ‘social’ stuff. You’ll often be asked to post photos, complete prompts, and more depending on the item received. I’ve had to take photos of myself with the product and also do other things that aren’t just part of the review. You can’t be too camera shy here!

Other sites I’m part of that give samples & full-sized products for reviews ;

  1. Daily Goodie Box
  2. SheSpeaks
  3. L’Oreal Consumer Panel ( this is a consumer test panel — meaning the product you review will likely not be marked or telling you what it is. They have in-home testing and on-location ones as well. Doing so means you get compensated with some free full-sized make-up ).
  4. HouseParty & Chatterbox
  5. Pink Panel
  6. Vocalpoint

There’s lots of ways you can test products and also review them. However, before joining any website it’s also important to look up to make sure they’re legit. You don’t want to receive the spam emails and the constant phone calls, right?  Do your research and also make sure you’re committed to giving a good review and spending some time on it. Don’t take advantage of the whole ‘free sample’ thing if you’re not going to bother doing a simple review for the product you’ve been given.


Cute find!

While going through my belongings I happened to find this jewelry box I had never used before.  I’m pretty sure it was in storage after I moved and was a gift from my aunt.  The box is one from a company called ‘Tuscan Designs’ and it’s simply gorgeous!


The outside matches perfectly with the theme of my room and it luckily wasn’t locked. As I had feared it would be after realizing there’s a keyhole on the front. After opening it I was excited to see the inside was also in perfect condition as well.


The inside contained a rectangular mirror  and a little pocket under it. Along with a good amount of space for rings, necklaces, and more. You can also pull out the top part to reveal a ‘hidden’ compartment underneath where you can store more jewelry!


And look what I happened to find in the small pocket I mentioned earlier!


This is going to be perfect as long as I don’t lose this key.I’m already starting to fill it up. And I’m totally gonna check out the company that made this and look at their other products. I’m madly in love with this one.

Influenster ZzzQuil Review!

I was recently sent ZzzQuil by Influenster. I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  This is my unbiased review of it.

This review is old ! And was taken from my older website and placed here after a year.

Let’s talk about sleep. Specifically let’s talk about how much we take it for granted. Because I know I sure do.  There are a lot of nights where I sleep so easily. I fall asleep fast, sleep a good six to eight hours, and then feel refreshed to start that day. It’s great. But on nights when that doesn’t happen I feel sick. I honestly can’t go without sleep. Even staying up all night for studying is too much for me. I feel sick, nauseated, and I can’t focus. It’s even worse when it happens and I’m laying awake all night worry about if it’ll happen again. The constant thought of ‘oh god what if I don’t fall asleep?‘ is such a huge occurrence that there are times where it’s been HOURS and I’ve tried every trick in the book. Count backwards? Done it. leave and do something relaxing? Done it. Avoid caffeine and eat certain foods? Done it. Eventually I get to the point where I turn my phone on, or the tv, and lay awake watching it to distract myself. It’s the only thing I can do.

The stress and worry is what keeps me awake.

But there are sleep medications, certainly, but I usually dislike them. I’ve tried a few in the past and, while they did put me to sleep, I would wake up exhausted the next day. Feeling just as tired. it seemed counterproductive. I sleep to feel energized. Yet everything still made me tired. That’s where ZzzQuil came in.

Now, being honest, I’ve tried this before Influenster sent it. But it was mostly because I needed something and my mom recommended it. It was also the liquid version as I have a hard time swallowing pills. But, at being invited to the ‘ZzzQuil‘ campaign I was interested. I’ve never tried the pill versions and thought they’d be hard. If only because I CAN’T swallow a pill. I can’t. I’ve never, as a twenty-four year old woman, been able to get a pill down. So I never bothered buying the capsules. Why waste my money, right?

But I wanted to try and lately I’ve been under a lot of stress. Dealing with a birthday for my little siblings ( helping plan / decorate it ), family visiting, and other things. I needed something to help me sleep. And, lo and behold, look what arrived during this time:

Now, again, I can’t swallow pills. So I was worried. I was worried I’d be unable to get it down. But, surprisingly, they went down easy. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re soft, or a lot smaller than previous things I’ve taken, but they went down without a hitch. I was impressed. I took them, brushed my teeth, and got myself comfortable in bed. And, next thing I knew, my alarm was going off that morning. I didn’t even realize I had fallen asleep.

But the best part? In all honesty? I didn’t feel tired afterwards. That’s always been my problem and, though I’ve tried ZzzQuil before, I was worried the capsules wouldn’t work as well as the liquid. Now I know and feel a lot more comfortable buying the capsule versions. I won’t have to worry about lugging a bottle of ZzzQuil with me on trips to hotels and stuff when I can just keep the small  thing of pills there instead.