Cute find!

While going through my belongings I happened to find this jewelry box I had never used before.  I’m pretty sure it was in storage after I moved and was a gift from my aunt.  The box is one from a company called ‘Tuscan Designs’ and it’s simply gorgeous!


The outside matches perfectly with the theme of my room and it luckily wasn’t locked. As I had feared it would be after realizing there’s a keyhole on the front. After opening it I was excited to see the inside was also in perfect condition as well.


The inside contained a rectangular mirror  and a little pocket under it. Along with a good amount of space for rings, necklaces, and more. You can also pull out the top part to reveal a ‘hidden’ compartment underneath where you can store more jewelry!


And look what I happened to find in the small pocket I mentioned earlier!


This is going to be perfect as long as I don’t lose this key.I’m already starting to fill it up. And I’m totally gonna check out the company that made this and look at their other products. I’m madly in love with this one.


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