Hello, I’m Amanda! Just a gal in my mid-twenties that has a fondness for loving to review things. I was raised up in North Carolina ( in the place where Pepsi was created no less )  until I moved up to Virginia after graduating High School.

I made this blog simply because reviewing products is something I love to do. As someone who has relied on other peoples reviews in the past I find them to be a positive force. And being able to give my opinion and help others decide if a product is right with them or not is very important to me. No one wants to waste money buying something only to discover it’s not for them, right? I often use reviews to decide on things that are new or that I haven’t tried before.

Disclaimer ; This site does do product reviews and I might receive products for free / discounted / or get paid to review them. Each post will have it’s own disclaimer but not every product here is one sent to me. I will review what I like and dislike in hopes it’ll help others.  All views and reviews are my own. Regardless of how the product is received I will never fake or purposely give only a positive review.  I like to review and give my honest opinion as I believe that can help others when determining what product they should try. Just look at the top of each post for a disclaimer to know where the product is from and how I received it.